MYNET Fibre broadband is here!

Bringing you Irelands fastest broadband speeds, with MYNET fibre!

MYNET fibre broadband unleashes a world of opportunity offering the fastest broadband speeds in Ireland to homes and businesses! Using the most advanced networks and technology we are excited to be involved in the rollout of fiber broadband to more and more homes and businesses in rural and urban Ireland. We are pushing the boundaries using the latest most advanced WiFi router technology to make sure that as much of the speed being delivered to your house as possible makes it all the way to your devices where you need it most!

Like the rest of our services, MYNET Fibre is delivered to our customers in the fairest possible way giving our clients unmatched piece of mind! 



*NO contracts!


*NO price hikes after 6 months or EVER!


*Unlimited data and NO Fair usage policies or throttling


*A superb customer care and technical team to assist you anytime you need us.

Speed that excites

With Mynet you get the thrill of knowing your internet is of reliable quality. If we can’t connect you properly we just won’t connect you. No long waits to get through to members of staff, no searching hours in an FAQ section. Just super fast fibre broadband without the hassle.


No need to wait any longer….


Let’s get you connected!

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