Video is simply taking over online content at an astonishing rate, this is a result of people consuming video much more than any other type of content. For businesses this is an extremely important shift to stay ahead of. As we see the worlds online content change to video, businesses who don’t include video in there marketing are simply going to fall behind on a collosal scale. To help you understand the magnitude of the change we are now seeing in online content we have put together a number of statistics and facts on the effect and momentum of video content and marketing in business and in general. At MyNet we have a team of experienced marketing experts who have combined there expertise to provide top quality video and digital marketing services for businesses nationwide.

We know how to create the best video to maximize engagement and sales, to give you the best possible ROI in your marketing efforts. Our innovative, high quality and affordable video marketing solutions are brought to you by a team of experienced experts using some of the best technology available. Our videos stand out from the crowd, which is all your business really needs in a difficult marketplace with so much content to compete with. It has never been more essential to include video in your marketing strategy .

  • Custom videos on your
    business premises

    Our custom on site video solutions are shot at your location of choice, usually your business or company premises or base. Here we allow you to explain what you want to market through your video and then advise on how to make the content of the video as effective as possible to really get your busines moving. We then get to work recording what is necessary for us to produce the best possible video to achieve the results you want for your business. Our media and editting experts then go to work on your video putting it together the way you want it while applying all our marketing experience and expertise to get maximum results. Once the video is proofed and complete it is then delivered to you for use where and when you want. For pricing on this service please get in touch and a member of our team will give you a quote to meet your requirments and budget.

  • Animated marketing

    It is obvious this online video content boom isn't going to slow down anytime soon, and a very large and effective portion of the video marketing content currently online is animated. Animated explainer and marketing videos are extremely effective by increasing both consumer understanding, engagement and even trust in your business. Here at MyNet our team build animated videos for any type of business. Our animated videos are created to your specific requirments with fast turnaround times and incredible results which can transform and drive your business to the next level. For pricing on this service please get in touch and a member of our team will give you a quote to meet your requirments and budget.

  • Live

    What could be even more engaging than ordinary video marketing you ask? Well, the answer is nothing right now. But what is growing rapidly and potentially going to overtake ordinary video marketing is LIVE video content. We provide professional live streaming services for clients and events nationwide. Give us a call today for information and a quote on our live streaming services.

  • Drone

    We also provide a drone service delivering top quality footage from the sky and all the other incredible footage we can get from our drones. This is another tool we have to help us in providing the best video services available for marketing or other purposes. Call today for information.