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Network Design

Our professional engineers can design your network from start to finish. We perform all network design to industry leading standards with your requirements and needs in mind, all at the best price as always.

Networking Cabling

We provide a data and electrical cabling service carried out by our professional and experienced engineers, looking after you from beginning to end. All cabling work is carried out to meet and exceed your requirements.

Routers and switches (M)

Routers and switches

We provide an extensive range of routers, switches, gateways and other networking solutions which can meet the demands of any business using the highest quality and best technology available. Offering reliable network solutions for borderless networks, data centers and businesses of all sizes we have even the most advanced requirements covered.

Backup support​ (M)

Hardware products

At MyNet we provide a full range of high quality products to meet your requirements. We also provide a service for businesses and startups to lease there PC’s and other necessary hardware at extremely good rates.

  • Laptops & PC’s
  • Printers
  • Servers


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